My terrible experience renting with Blueground

Bad Experience

In sharing my experience with Blueground, my goal is to provide an honest, transparent account of what transpired during my tenancy, so others can make informed decisions before engaging with their services.

Initial Promises: Registration Issues

My interaction with Blueground started with a crucial query regarding the possibility of registering the apartment in Spain, vital for my immigration status. Despite being assured twice of its feasibility, upon moving in, I found registration impossible due to the apartment’s new status and non-inclusion in the required system. This discrepancy between what was promised and the reality was the beginning of a challenging journey.

Continuous Struggle: Inadequate Documentation and Frustrating Visits

The situation escalated when I was provided with various documents, supposedly to aid in my registration. Contrary to their claims, the documentation was insufficient, leading to multiple futile visits to the town hall, causing me considerable stress and humiliation.

Apartment Swaps: Leakage Problems and Downgrades

After facing these initial hurdles, Blueground moved me to a different apartment for registration purposes. However, this apartment had severe leakage issues, leaving me without water for two days. This necessitated another move, this time to a less desirable apartment. The constant relocations, coupled with the downgrade in living conditions, added to the already stressful situation.

Financial Burdens: Unjust Charges

Throughout this ordeal, I faced significant financial burdens. Blueground imposed huge amounts in fees, especially when relocating me to new apartments due to their own oversights. The financial strain of these unplanned expenses, on top of the emotional and physical stress, was substantial.

The Toll: Impact on Well-Being

This entire experience with Blueground has taken a toll on my well-being. The repeated mismanagement, misinformation, and lack of accountability from their side have led to sleepless nights and a significant impact on my mental health.

Awaiting Resolution: The Need for Fairness

Despite the severity of these issues, there’s been a lack of adequate response or resolution from Blueground. I continue to seek a fair solution, one that acknowledges the hardships I’ve endured and compensates accordingly.

Sharing My Story: A Call for Awareness

I feel compelled to share my story to inform potential renters about the possible challenges they might face with Blueground. The lack of transparency and consideration for tenant welfare that I experienced should be a factor for anyone considering their services.

Final Thoughts: Caution and Diligence

This post serves as a recount of my personal experience with Blueground. If you are considering renting through them, I encourage thorough research and insist on clear, written assurances. Be prepared for potential discrepancies between what is promised and the reality of the situation. My hope is that by sharing my story, others can avoid the distress and inconvenience that I faced.

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